Social Security Disability Law

“I don’t get paid unless you get paid!”

All Social Security Disability Attorneys work on contingency.  That means: “I don’t get paid unless you get paid.” 

Federal Regulations set out the guidelines by which Attorneys can charge fees for their work on SSI/SSDI claims.  SSA oversees the payment of all attorneys fees and must approve all Fee Agreements. 

My Fee Agreement reflects Federal Law regarding attorneys fees in SSI/SSDI claims.   If a case is decided favorably, I am paid the lesser of 25% of past-due (retroactive) benefits or (as of 2010) $6000 (or the maximum fee dollar limit imposed under federal law at the time benefits are awarded, as may be amended pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 406(a)(2)).

Should your claim be decided favorably, SSA will withhold the approved attorneys fee amount from your retroactive benefits and pay me directly (in most cases).

If the claim is appealed beyond the Administrative Law Judge Hearing level (i.e., the case goes to the Appeals Council or Federal District Court), Federal Law allows me to request that SSA increase the fee.  This is permitted by SSA because there is considerably more work involved for attorneys at these levels of appeal.  An Administrative Law Judge must approve this request for an increase in attorneys fees.

Additionally, please note that the authorized fee does not include any out-of-pocket expenses, and the client is responsible for these expenses regardless of the outcome, including, but not limited to, costs involved in obtaining copies of medical reports and long distance travel costs.

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